In 2007, we set up our own company Lillian Textile which is located in Denizli, Turkey. Besides, we have also a contact office in Kiel, Germany, where you come to get to know us closer. After 25 years of experience in the textile sector on various products we are now grouped in the company Lillian Textile for the production of a larger range of textile products.

We produce towels, bathrobes, wraps, hair bands, slippers, bath mats, washable make up remover for cosmetics, hotels and spa. Our qualities are 100% Cotton, Organic Cotton , microfiber (Polyester/polyamid ,Polyester/Viscose),  Triga (Polyester/Cotton) , velvet, etc...

We also produce Duvet Cover, Bedlinen, Flat sheets and fitted sheets, pillowcase in different quality ( Jacquard or plain satin, percale) . We have also the possibility to orient you for your products with our experience in this sector.

We produce also car cleaning and drying towels made from  special harmonized fabric composition and with a high softness and absorbance. Also microfiber cleaning towels for homes ,offices, barista and coffee-shops are the other products we we produce.

All stages of production (weaving, dyeing, fabric control, cutting, embroidery , cenfection, quality control, packaging and shipment) are followed  up step by step and informed you by our collegues. If needed or requested, all the test are done before beginning the production and shipment .

Lillian Textile wants to be known as a reliable, service-oriented manufacturer of a variety of textile products with the fastest possible delivery time, consistent high quality and high delivery reliability.  We provide specialized solutions for your product range, we export to several European countries; we do the production ic European Standarts. 

We do also stock business ; all kind of towels, bathrobes, fitted bedsheet, bedcover, pillow case etc. for your stock orders. 

We will be very proud to work together and see you in our customers (partners) list. We look forward to a wonderful relationship together and success for all concerned.